Serial collaborator. Hybrid professional. Learning curve junkie.


Always looking for intelligent sources of optimism and ways to contribute to solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.

Historically, I’m an interdisciplinary artist and experimental musician with an extensive discography that includes many eclectic and international collaborations. Now I have a growing catalog of visual media output.

Recently, I passed my oral defense for an MFA in Documentary Production & Studies at the University of North Texas. My thesis film, a 360-degree/virtual reality (VR) documentary entitled Visceral Data, features several professors who are experts and pioneers in the integration of art and science. Additionally, my thesis paper includes several pages discussing my ethical concerns for the nascent industry of VR technologies. I will be awarded my MFA degree after I complete my internship in August of 2022, editing a documentary about sea-level rise for a museum planetarium on the East Coast.

In 2018, I was awarded a Master of Arts in Music Composition, studying with Joseph Klein, Kirsten Broberg, Andrew May, and Panayiotis Kokoras at University of North Texas. On the interdisciplinary degree track, I integrated new media art into my work studying with David Stout and Martin Back. My thesis resulted in a series of abstract music videos and a collection of compositions titled Cosmophonia: Musical Expressions of Astronomy and Cosmology.

I also have a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Composition from Western Oregon University where I studied with Pulitzer Prize nominee, Kevin Walczyk and discovered a deep love for ethnomusicology studying with Diane Baxter.

Two significant projects worth mentioning are: 

  • The Sonification of Solar Harmonics Project (Stanford) a collaborative project for an open-source software that sonifies helioseismic data taken from doppler images of the Sun’s surface. I initiated this project, and it's a result of research I conducted for one of my thesis compositions.

  • Music, Complexity, & Culture Working Group (Santa Fe Institute). I’ve been invited to participate in a collective of researchers from disparate fields to expand human understanding of the complexities of music.


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Photo by Jeremiah Moore