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Musical Expressions of Astronomy and Cosmology

Perspectives (6min)
For percussion and voice, based on a logarithmic map of the universe
Solstitium e Aequinoctium (~30min)
A site-specific sonic composition for voices, metal pipes, and includes a communal sonic meditation
Helios (8min)
An orchestral composition based on helioseismology
Hoping Against Hope (2017) Cuneiform (US)
Decline and Fall (2012) Cuneiform (US)
Incantation (2019) HOI (US)

Francesco Zago

Yugen Death by Water (2016) AltRock (Italy)
Empty Days (2013) AltRock (Italy)
Yugen Iridule (2010) AltRock (Italy)

3 Mice

Animal Kingdom (2021)  Disques Raye (Switzerland) Currently in Production
Send me a Postcard (2011) Disques Rayes (Switzerland)

Janet Feder

T h i s C l o s e (2015) Brainbox (US)

Ligeia Mare

Amplifier (2015) Corvette Music (US)
Songs We Never Thought Of (2014) Corvette Music (US)
"1" (2013) Corvette Music (US)

Luciano Margorani

Home is Where the Art Is (2014) BoZo (Italy)
Pseudocanzoni (2008) BoZo (Italy)

Dave Willey

Immeasurable Currents (2011) AltRock (Italy)

The Muffins

Palindrome (2010) Musea (France)

Combat Astronomy

Kundalini Apocalypse (2013) ZondUK (England)
Earth Divided By Zero (2009) ZondUK (England)
Dreams No Longer Hesitate (2008) ZondUK (England)

The Walkabouts

The Train Leaves at Eight (2000) Glitterhouse (Germany)

Amelia White

Comes and Goes (1997) Leo (US)

Timothy Young

Very Special People (1997) Endless (US)

Hughscore (with Hugh Hopper)

DeltaFlora (1998) Cuneiform (US)
HighSpotParadox (1997) Tim Kerr (US)
Caveman Hughscore (1995) Tim Kerr (US)

Caveman Shoestore

Frankensongs (2008) Build-A-Buzz (US)
SuperSale (2005) Build-A-Buzz (US)
Flux (1993) Tim Kerr (US)
Master Cylinder (1991) Tim Kerr (US)

Kill Everyone

More Coffee for the Politicians  (1985) Tim Kerr (US)
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