Media Arts

Currently in thesis for an MFA in Documentary Production and Studies at University of North Texas, Elaine is going to be filming her thesis film during the fall semester of 2021. (Committee Chair: Prof. Melinda Levin)

Title: Visceral Data

Genre: Educational expository documentary

Duration: 30 minutes

Mediums: 8K, linear, interactive, stereoscopic, digital 360 cinema, and conventional two-dimensional format

Target Audience: Scientists, science educators, science enthusiasts, artists and composers working in digital mediums



Visceral Data is a short documentary formatted for virtual reality (VR) that will explore the intersection of art and science, and how aesthetically creative treatments of raw data are an engaging way to interpret complex information. This documentary will place current innovations in data visualization into a historical context, so that parallels can be drawn providing insight into potential directions and outcomes for developing digital arts, sciences, and technologies. Supported by interviews with scientists and artists, the film will emphasize how interpreting data imaginatively can lead to a more scientifically literate population by reaching people on an intuitive level and appealing to our visual and aural senses rather than intellect alone.

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